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Uber is well on its way to gathering 1 million signatures in London petition

After losing its license to operate in London Friday, Uber has already received over 700,000 signatures on a petition it launched to save the service. The petition asks TfL to reverse its decision, and is being aggressively promoted whenever the app is used in The City. London’s transport authority, Transport for London (TfL), Continue Reading

Twitter is bringing its Lite web app to a native Android version

Twitter is packaging its data-friendly, space-saving Lite mobile web app into a native app version, starting with Android. The social media firm is testing the Android app only in the Philippines for now, paving the way for a mainstream release down the road, TechCrunch reports. Like the mobile web version that was Continue Reading

Apple is releasing its new High Sierra operating system for Mac on Monday

Apple is rolling out its free new High Sierra operating system (OS) for Mac on Monday. When High Sierra goes live, it will be available to download by clicking the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen and then selecting About This Mac > Software Update… . The new macOS Continue Reading

Intel launches 8th-gen Core desktop chips, claims the Core i7-8700K is its best gaming chip ever

Intel pushed further ahead into its 8th-generation Core series with the launch of its mainstream desktop chips Sunday night, including the 6-core/12-thread Core i7-8700K, which Intel claims is its best gaming chip ever. Intel also beefed up its Core i5 family with 6-core parts, as well as its first quad-core Continue Reading

Astronomers find a pitch-black planet

Exoplanet WASP-12b has the unique capability to trap 94 percent of the visible starlight falling into its atmosphere. The result is a world as black as fresh asphalt. The Hubble Space Telescope has observed an exoplanet – or planet orbiting a distant star – that looks as black as fresh Continue Reading

After “Living on Mars” for Eight Months, Mission V Subjects Are Coming Home

EXTENDED ISOLATION Eight months ago, NASA OK’d six individuals to serve as psychology research subjects for Mission V, which took place at a facility at the University of Hawaii, Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) at the Mauna Loa volcano. The crew stayed the course and, eight long months later, are Continue Reading

Largest-ever Gulf of Mexico dead zone

For 32 years, scientists have tracked the oxygen-depleted waters that appear each summer in the Gulf of Mexico. This year’s dead zone is the biggest yet. Scientists have been tracking the oxygen depleted waters that appear each summer in the northern Gulf of Mexico for 32 years now. Known as Continue Reading


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