This Custom Game of Thrones Catan Board is a Masterpiece! [Pics]

This amazingly gorgeous Game of Thrones themed Catan board was made by reddit user carlotta4th using 6 types of different wood, creating various textures and colors on the board. Crafting the whole thing took him over 40 hours!

-Padauk (Red. For brick tile)
-Yellowheart (Yellow. For wheat tile)
-Maple (White. For sheep/horse tile)
-Walnut (Brown. Stained “expresso” for wood tile)
-Poplar (Cream/white. Robber, Awards, center pips, painted with “India Ink” for player pieces, and stained “charcoal gray” for stone tile).
-Red Oak (Tan. Desert and partially stained “blue-gray” for wave borders).

Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures below!

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