Dog Visits The Hospital In Order To Say Goodbye To Her Dying Owner

Maybe, there aren’t affections that are more pure than the loyalty and love that this faithful dog called Mollie has for her favorite person — persistent even while he slipped beyond to a place where she is not able to follow.

Mollie’s owner, the 33-year-old man named Ryan Jessen, was hospitalized after suffering a brain hemorrhage, and he is not going to recover from it. Friends and family, all gathered by Jessen’s bed and they were all stricken with grief. He passed away on November 30, but they still didn’t forget what he meant to Mollie.

Then something special happened, which Jessen’s sister Michelle describes in her post on Facebook:
“The hospital did the sweetest thing for all of us and they let us bring my brother’s dog in to ‘say goodbye’ so that she’d know why her beloved human never came home. If you knew my brother, you know that he really loved his sweet dog.”
Watch the video of the tender moment between them:

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