‘Her hips don’t lie’: Shakira flaunts booty in tiny bikini making fans exclaim ‘bella estas!’

The Waka Waka singer is on a tough fitness regime for her upcoming performance in Paris in November.

Shakira is back into the music world with her chartbuster album El Dorado and is gearing up for her world tour. The singer is doing everything possible to get in shape before her concert and her exercises include mermaid swimming.

In her latest Instagram post, the singer shared her midnight workout video where she is swimming like a mermaid in a barely there bikini, flaunting her toned booty and hourglass figure. “Whatever it takes to prep for #ElDoradoWorldTour, even swimming at midnight Rocky style!” she captioned the post.

Shared on 31 August, the video has since been viewed by more than two million social media users. The stunning swimming video has made fans swoon over her beauty and many are admiring her as ‘bella estas’ in Spanish – which means ‘you are beautiful’ in English.

The 40-year-old singer’s fitness gig refreshed the memories of her classic hit ‘Hips don’t lie’ and fans could not stop praising her body. “Her hips don’t lie,” one of her 41 million followers wrote. “You are my favorite especially when you do that hip dancing you are one of a kind,” added another.

A few fans were mesmerised by the former Fifa World Cup singer’s flawless swimming skills and compared her with a mermaid: “I thought mermaids don’t exist,” a fan gushed about her swimming skills. “Perfect body, Shakira,” added another. The singer will perform in Paris on 10 and 11 November.

Meanwhile, the songstress, who took a break from music for three years, revealed that footballer Gerard Piqué – her long time partner and the father of her two children – is the inspiration behind her current album

“He is the driving force behind this record, my main source of inspiration. He is my muse in the masculine. Every time I think of him, I want to write a song. And I have so much to say about him that I cannot keep them to myself. [She laughs.] These are documents of our life,” the She Wolf album maker told Paris Match.

Explaining her ultra sexy moves in the latest album, she said: “I assure you that before each clip I say to my team: “This time I will not be sexy.” But I can not manage to do other. Even when I’m cycling, it seems that I’m sexy, what do you want me to tell you more.”


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