These May Be the Most Polite Dogs in the World

We all think that our dogs are going to wait until we give the “go-ahead” in order to start eating, rather than knocking us down with the intention to get to the food. However, the pet owner in Taipei, Taiwan, has exceeded everyone.

She has two Golden Retrievers, a Standard Poodle named Halo and a yellow Labrador , and they are all sitting patiently at a small table while her owner prepares their meals. Before she serves them, all four dogs bow their heads while she says grace. Then, finally, they start to chow down.

However, it’s not even the best part! When the dogs finish with their lunch, they clear their dishes. Every doggy carries his bowl to the sink and there is even a good helpful pup that picks up his buddy’s bowl for him.
Now how could we get our children to do that?
We are smitten by these so cute dogs — even though our favorite is the one who keeps peeking during the prayer.

20140402 哈雷哈帝哈威哈樂一起飯前禱告

四隻大狗… 飯前禱告影片來囉~~2014-04-14 Monday 01:42 I fed them a little for the video so it wouldn't take a long time for them to finish eating so they could show how they pick up their empty bowls!!!2014 – 4 – 4 Friday 21:50驚 ~~ 瀏覽人數破四百萬完全沒有料到這個影片po出來後竟會有這麼大這麼大這麼迴響 < 羞>平常就會跟狗狗們玩指令遊戲也習慣錄下來收藏曾經發生備用碟故障意外所以自己覺得" 經典" 的就會po上網多一層保護家裡有 5隻狗狗會禱告那就來玩餐前禱告遊戲好了先兩隻練習… 慢慢加一隻… 再加一隻既然是遊戲狗狗碗裡的食物就不會放正常量喔 再次謝謝大家喜歡這個影片 < 羞羞羞 >

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