A Pet’s Guide to Taking the Perfect Selfie

Most cats and dogs may not have their own Instagram or Snapchat accounts, but we know they dominate yours! And, of course, a staple of Internet photo sharing is the selfie. Selfies, for those not in the know, are self-portrait photos typically taken with a smartphone. They’re all the rage among the human (and animal) set. We asked our Facebook fans to submit their pets’ best selfies — and we’re sharing our favorites.

Strike a pose with your besties.

Two Cats Selfie

Farrah Rivera Calender
Finn is 2, and Aurora is 1. “They are both awesome shelter kitties we adopted last year,” their owner says.

Never underestimate the power of an awesome filter.

Horse Selfie

Nay Hall
This horse’s owner says her girl loves to smell people.

Angles are very important.

Dot the Brittany Selfie

Jenna Zeidler
Dot is a 6-year-old Brittany rescue from NBRAN. She competes in obedience and rally, and she is starting her agility career.

Ooh, this one’s pretty good.

Selfie Cat Closeup

Anne G. Myles
Klara is a 4- or 5-year-old cat with FeLV who is quirky and “completely healthy.”

Nailed it.

Selfie White Cat

Khaj Kearney
This is how Tribe the cat looks when he’s trying to figure out the phone.

Sometimes it’s OK to share with your human.

Dog Selfie With Human

Amy Michelle Merrick
Hershey, a sweet, fun-loving chocolate Lab, is pictured here at 8 years old.

But watch out for relentless photobombers.

Poodle Selfie

Christine Hudak Craig
Jewel the dog needs to train her human to not photobomb her selfies.

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