Pregnant Danielle Lloyd becomes latest victim of ‘iCloud leak’ as nude images appear online

The model, 33, who is currently pregnant with her fourth child, has reported the ‘violation of her private images’ to the police.

The website that first posted the images appears to have been taken down, while Danielle has reportedly got the police.

A representative for Danielle told The Sun: ‘Our client Danielle Lloyd has today reported to the police distribution and violation of her private images.

‘These images are from her private phone and are for private and personal usage only.

‘Police are investigating how these images were taken from her private and personal iCloud – seemingly from a Jihad website who Danielle has been victim of and terrorised by for some time.

‘We are currently taking steps to prosecute anybody that shares these online,’ the source continued.

The photos reportedly show Danielle naked, with one of her posing in the bath, another showing her wearing no bottoms and a further image of her posing in a cutout swimsuit.

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