Trump Says Administration Is Looking Into Price’s Private Plane Use

President Donald Trump said the administration is looking into Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s use of private planes on the government dime while defending Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin’s travel Sunday.

Price — a crusader for fiscal conservatism during his time in the House — hascome under fire for reportedly taking five chartered jets over the course of a week earlier this month, spending roughly $400,000 on private planes since May.

“As far as Secretary Price is concerned, that’s different [than Mnuchin]. We’re looking into it,” he told reporters, according to the pool report.

Trump said he doesn’t think that Mnuchin, who is also being investigated for his use of a private jet in August, has misused federal dollars for his travel accommodations.

“I don’t think he took the flight. I think if you check your records, he didn’t take the flight,” he said. “Why don’t you check your records before you make a statement. As I understood it – I don’t know much about it – I haven’t heard about it, but I understand he never took that flight.”

Trump went on to say he will respect the outcome of the inspectors’ general investigations.

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