US couple adopts Pinay kid with no arms and legs, shares touching story

Maria is a Filipina kid, born without legs and arms. However, things appear to be looking up for her after a pair of loving US-based parents adopted her.
Back in 2015, the couple Jason and Adrianne Stewart flew from Utah to the Philippines only with the intention to adopt Maria from an orphanage located in Cavite. After more than two years, in an article that was published by Coconuts Manila, the Stewarts family shared just how their smiling bundle of joy has changed the entire family.

“Maria loves to do things on her own,” said Adrianne when she was asked about how the 3-year-old has settled in her new home. “You can notice a huge smile on her face and she is very excited when she finally is able to do something entirely on her own. It is very inspiring to see that and it brings me a lot of joy.”

Adrianne explained that together with her husband they do not see Maria as a girl who has a disability. “She is just our daughter and although she may have to learn to do things a bit different than the other people, Maria is still doing the exact same things as the other kids.”

Besides Maria, Adrianne has two biological daughters with Jason and one adopted son, also from the Philippines.
“Maria’s brother loves to play with her and I’m helping him come up with ideas about how to better include her in everything that he is playing with. Her sisters are amazing with her and they love teaching her how to do things,” said the mother.

Maria with her brother and sisters. Screengrab from YouTube
According to Adrianne, their daughter loves listening to music, particularly the beats from the 1980s. Maria is also fond of coloring with custom designed mouthpiece that is holding her markers and stuffed animals.

Adrianne also shared that Maria will start attending preschool in a little while, in addition to receiving the occupational and speech therapy services that she needs.

Maria does some coloring with her brother. Screengrab from YouTube

Next year, the Stewart family is planning to adopt one more child from the Philippines. “There are so many orphans over the entire world and all of them deserve family and love,” said Adrianne Stewart.

“It’s not important if they have special needs, if they are healthy, if they are older children or younger children. Every kid needs a family. Being able to love is exactly what matters the most when considering adoption.”

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